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How we are different

Everyone and their Grandma has a podcast now. There are many people that feel they have something to say, and with recent technological achievements, it has become incredibly cheap and easy to do a podcast. So why would anyone want to listen to six guys bullshitting in a garage? What do we have that is any different than the rest of the babble out there?

The vast majority of media out there is trying to tell you what to believe, what they believe, why what you believe is right and why the “other side” is wrong. Has anyone had their lives significantly improved by any of this? We are so saturated with opinions and agendas and conversion attempts that most of us have completely stopped listening. That is unless what we are listening to is reinforcing what we already believe. All of these soap boxes have turned into buzzing background noise.

Punk Theology doesn’t care what you believe. Well, that isn’t exactly true, we care about what you believe, not because we are looking to either affirm you as a member of our “tribe” and not because we are setting you up to be “corrected from your wicked ways”.  We care because what you believe is part of who you are, and we want to know who you are.

Punk Theology is like an archaeological dig site, and discussion of belief is one of the tools we use to expose your soul. Like a dig site, the things we dig up would be considered twisted garbage by most of the populace, but we think it is treasure.

The bits of identity we find in each other are appreciated for the person they represent. Our goal is authenticity, availability and a willingness to expose the ugliest parts of our identities. A person can only truly appreciate you if they know your trauma and shame. Punk Theology makes it a weekly exercise to try to dig for those pieces of identity.

Doing this reveals an important truth the rest of society wants you to ignore: Much of life is pretty fucking shitty. Unlike the predominant culture, we insist on addressing that shit. Healing and love only exist by digging into it, not dressing it up or pretending it isn’t there.

In a culture of snake oil, quick fixes and Disneyland world views, we are different because we refuse to give into those lies. We insist on addressing them head on.

Pulling back the curtain on the tired fantasy we have been sold and addressing realities’ ugliness is punk. Doing it so we can help each other toward a path of healing is Punk Theology.