We talk about the boundaries of friendship. What is ok to tell your friend? What is not? Does it depend on the nature of the friendship?

We were missing three guys for this episode so we brought in John Bissell to sit in.


There is a woman on the show! We talk about Preservation. How can the desire to preserve can also kill the ability to create? How can the  philosopher Hegel's theory of the Master class vs. Servant class address our current cultural strife?


In Derek’s first one-on-one interview he discusses the Philosophy of Law with his friend John B. They discuss their backgrounds in dealing with laws. They commiserate about the legal illiteracy common among most Americans. There is an analysis of the politics of fists and noses. All with the ultimate goal of addressing why laws are necessary, and why laws are fundamentally broken.

Where are you?

Going through changes or stages in life is part of growing up or maturity. There's a saying in the Bible that the last will be first on the first will be last. What does that mean when it comes to our personal growth development and making our way in this world?

How much power do we give to being pissed?

Does anger have the power to take control of one's life? Is anger always a negative thing? What is the at the root of your anger? The six of us reflect on our own relationships with anger and how it is working itself out in real life in real time.  Some names that come up Dad, Francis Chan, Henry Rollins, Rob Bell, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Matt Chandler and Ozzy Ozborne.

An interview with a swearing pastor!

Russ does a one-on-one interview with Pastor Dan Hazen. Dan is a pastor at Allen Creek Community Church, and counseled Russ through some severe fallout from his compulsive behavior. Dan has a great take on life and is also Celtic Neo-Monastic. Russ and Dan discuss trauma caused by the church, addiction and recovery.

Understanding and coping with guilt and shame.

What is the difference between shame and guilt?  Is your God a vindictive God that holds your weakness against you?  Why do you want to run from your shame? Are you afraid of you trauma and damage? All issues addressed in this Episode.

What are you saved from?

What is salvation?  Is it a task to be accomplished or a goal to be pursued?  Is it even a real thing, or are Christians just fooling themselves?

Have you examined the desire behind your beliefs?

In our culture we tend to ask the question "Why do you believe what you believe?" but a better one may be "Why do you WANT to believe what you believe?"

Is this podcast even Certified Organic?

How do you define "organic"? And what are spiritually Organic Movements? A Tide Sex story? Russ, Steve, Arthur, Derek and our awesome punk guest Conner ask: What are spiritually Organic Movements?

Is meditation and a calm mind helpful to athletes?

Steve, Chuck, Derek and Russ ask that old burning question... What in the wide wide, wide of sports is going on around here? 

More thoughts on Humorous (and just plain old vanilla) Nihilism.

This one goes to 11! John, Arthur, Steve, Chuck, Derek and Russ ask: is a bit of nihilism a healthy thing? Or does it lead to depression and reckless living? What is Humorous Nihilism? If we get away from seeing meaning in everything are we on dangerous ground?

What is Humorous Nihilism?

Double Digits! John, Arthur, Steve, Chuck, Derek and Russ ask: is a bit of nihilism a healthy thing? Or does it lead to depression and reckless living? What is Humorous Nihilism? If we get away from seeing meaning in everything are we on dangerous ground?

Can we be completely healed?

On this weeks Punk Theology Podcast we are joined by Seth Taylor the Writer, Speaker, Thinker and Life Coach! John, Arthur, Steve, Chuck, Derek and Russ are back on the topic of one dealing with ones shit. Chuck shares his starting point of embarking on an inner journey. Seth provides some valuable insight. We talk religion, belief, faith, wounds, scars, inner peace and a few lessons learned from the death spiral of Mars Hill Church.

Sitting with difference and the No Joke Project.

Make love not war, give peace a chance, can't we all just get along? Can human beings really make peace? Russ interviews guest Jim Henderson and explores the practices it takes for humans to stay in the room with difference. Jim points out the fact that when people like each other, the rules change. If he cab help a Rabbi, an Imam and a Christian preacher can become friends for life... Then maybe there's hope for the rest of us. 

Check out Jim's project "No Joke" at

What is the Ego and is it helpful or hurtful?

Steve brings up a good question about the Ego. Is your ego your friend? What is your Ego?

Is Certainty a Sin?

What is faith?  Is certainty the enemy of faith? We explore what it means to explore your faith without having to have all the answers.

Religion is just a crutch? 

We talk about spiritual and philosophical crutches. When are crutches bad and when are they helpful? Does everyone have crutches? What does an Atheists crutch look like?

The Dark Passenger...R.I.P. Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell depression, suicide and a question: Can healthier relationships interrupt ones dark passenger? 

But can you actually let that shit go?

The episode in which we say the word "shit" over and over and over.  Because shit is important, and shit is hard, and shit sucks, and shit needs to be dealt with. Can you be healed from your shit? Is healing overrated? How do you manage your shit?

Life isn't fair and everything is fucked.

In Part 2 we talk about how life is often hard and full of shit. Do we need "faith" to get through that, or is faith just a crutch or an illusion? The modern church's answers seem to often be trite cliches that don't solve anything. Can religion recover from it's impotency or do we need to just throw it away?

Not all of us have lost our religion, not all are Bad Christians or Litergists, but all of us are Punks.

In this first episode, we introduce the members of our podcast and get things rolling. We are a group of Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Skeptical, Philosopher Punks just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.